Association of South Florida
Mediators and Arbitrators

Welcome to the ASFMA

The Association of South Florida Mediators and Arbitrators (ASFMA) is a professional Association for Mediators and Arbitrators in Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach County. ASFMA members come to the field of Dispute Resolution from a variety of disciplines and specialties, and include some of the most successful and experienced Mediators and Arbitrators in Florida.

Who Are We and What Do We Do?

Mediators and Arbitrators are individuals with specific Alternative Dispute Resolution training (ADR) who assist two or more people to find solutions to their dispute.

Mediators are neutral third party facilitators who help the parties reach their own mutually acceptable and voluntary agreement, without decision making power over the outcome. Basic steps in the process include gathering information, framing the issues, developing options and formalizing agreements. This process is helpful in resolving family, dependency, county and circuit civil cases.

Arbitrators are third party neutrals who meet with disputing parties, listen to both sides of the dispute, and then render a decision. Arbitrators may serve on a panel of three or as a sole arbitrator when rendering a decision. Decisions are either binding or non-binding for the parties, which is agreed to prior to the arbitration session. Arbitration is a popular ADR process for individuals, businesses, communities and governments.

Members of ASFMA have joined together to:

  • Promote awareness and understanding of ADR processes
  • Collect and distribute information about mediation and arbitration
  • Provide a forum for continuing education, training, networking and problem solving for mediators and arbitrators
  • Educate the public about mediation and arbitration and their benefits as dispute resolution processes
  • Promote research on mediation, arbitration, and other forms of alternative dispute resolution